Collaborating Brings Beauty and Plenty of Boho Style

Arthur Francis Fine leather has been collaborating with Vintage Swag for nearly a year now, and the designs that have come from this collaboration are both unique and quite beautiful.

Vintage Swag has been creating beautiful Boho style bags and clothing for years relying on an intuitive sense of fashion, and desire for clothing and accessories that accentuate rather than draw attention away from the wearer,

Design and fashion have always been a passion of Vintage Swag, and the collaboration between them and our resident designer and leather artisan B.A.Shields has brought a new flair to their creations.

Their products are not just one of a kind creations, but a completely customized creation. That's right, Vintage Swag works one on one with their customers to fully customize nearly all of the products they offer.

So if you are looking for a bag with a hand tooled leather strap featuring a beautiful mermaid swimming the depths of the ocean, or your name surrounded by colorful flowers, or anything else your heart desires, Vintage Swag and their designers are ready to help.

If Boho is the style you are after, and you love the idea of being able to work with Vintage Swag designers in creating your very own one of a kind bag, or strap, then you need to visit their website (

These one of a kind creations, and the ability to work one on one with their designers is exclusively available through their website, where you can find their contact information.

For more information on Vintage Swag products and offers visit their site and contact them today.

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