Designing with Desire

B.A.Shields Lead Designer and leather Artisan

"As a designer, I am constantly looking for inspiration. In fact, I find myself discovering inspiration even when I am not looking. The colors in a vintage cloth, the shape of the beach near my home as the waves fall over it, the flowers that surround our shop in the fields. Sometimes I have been inspired by a feeling, a thought, a memory long since past and my hand desires to draw.

There are many thoughts, ideas that will never come to fruition, and that is fine with me. When I create I am trying to take those feelings, thoughts, emotions, and put them to paper in a way that can then be brought to life in a physical sense through my leather. The weight and thickness of the material, the feel, which is all determined by the tanning process, and the cut. The hands on approach is the only way to make something that becomes what you imagined.

This is one of the many things that sets Arthur Francis apart from other leathers. Each bag, every belt, every wallet, every single purse strap, designed with inspiration, materials chosen by hand, and each stitch placed by a leather artisan who understands the vision and has the same desire to translate that into reality.

In the beginning I didn't create to please others, only myself. But I found that there were others who were found pleasure in my designs and were naturally drawn to them. I find real joy and pleasure in creating for others, and though it is difficult to part with some of my creations, I know that they will be treasured by our customers for a lifetime.

After years of designing and creating, it is my pleasure to work with Arthur Francis and great companies with their own vision, such as Vintage Swag. Our collaborations take on a life of their own and go in a direction where I myself could not travel alone.

I will now focus my creation in three distinct styles; I will collaborate with Vintage Swag for the Customized Boho line of purses, bags and straps, Arthur Francis for fine leather hand crafted bags, belts and wallets, and Custom Tool Leather for holsters, saddlery, and other Western Style products, including saddle bags, purses, etc.

I am currently working on the Fall 2018 line of purses for Arthur Francis and Vintage Swag and look forward to showing them off in the next few weeks. You can follow us, join our website and keep tabs on new creations as well as our future plans as well."

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