We are accepting donations in any amount to help with the costs of taking care of stray cats in our area. If you would like to know more about the cats we have, and still take care of, check out The Baron's Lineage for a history. We will be adding Stories of the Land soon as well, which will give you insight to the activities of the cats in their daily lives.

Some of the Expenses

  • The cats (currently 6 strays) are fed twice each day. Mixed dry & wet. We use Special Kitty dry mixed with 9-Lives in a can (various flavors)

  • For the cats that are tame enough to pet and hold, we give flea & tick medication.

  • They also get dewormed in spring and fall when the have signs of infection.

  • When possible, adult cats will be spayed or neutered.

  • We also provide housing on our property for cats as well. These houses are made from new totes, filled with straw and a smaller tote placed inside and covered with straw. We then place clean blankets inside the house and cut a door through the two totes. These houses work great in the winter. We place them high so only the cats can get into them. Cat-Condos are cleaned out in spring and fall, and the bedding replaced. Currently we have four condos.

  • The cats have access to, and use (especially when giving birth) a large goat house and a big open front duck house. (We no longer have ducks and goats so the cats don't have to share with other animals.)

We will accept donations of any amount, and 100% of your donation goes to taking care of the strays. There are NO administration fees or anything like that. 

We have been taking care of strays and rescues since 2012.

We also accept donations of food (wet and dry), medications or totes for making more houses.

Contact Terri for more information.

We also tame and adopt-out kittens as they arrive. We will be adding an adoption waiting list to the site soon.

Because the Humane Society in our county no longer accepts cat drop-offs, and there are no other services in the area, we do our best to take care of those near us. Please consider donating, and screening friends and family for good adoption homes for kittens!

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