Much Deserved Rest
The Baron
A Night on the Town
Upon the Throne
Restful Evening
Another Day in the Land of Shields
A Baron's Slumber
Soulful Eyes
Christmas Celebrations
* * * 

The handsome fellow you see before you is the great, the brave, world-famous Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen-none other than I!  I fight the fiercest monsters of the land and of the deep; leap into flaming volcanoes; fly through the sky on an eagle's back...No voyage is too far for me, no adventure is too daring, no danger is too great.


I am courageous, gallant, noble, generous and kind.  I'm also very modest, yes, modest to a fault.  In fact, I'm admired as much for my modesty and truthfulness as for my feats of bravery.  Therefore trust me: every word written within this chronicle is true. Ha! If anybody doubts it, let him read it and be convinced once for all.

Here within are writ my adventures, my lineage and family tree, as well as stories from my lands.

© 2019 Copyright Sir Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen

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Sir Hieronymus Carl Friedrich Baron von Münchhausen