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Drowning in Milk

A Guide to Spiritual Maturity

What does scripture say about the spiritually immature and how can we ensure that we are growing in the Lord as He calls us to?

This book uses scripture to identify spiritual immaturity, then discover its root cause so that a solution can be understood.

  • What does spiritual immaturity look like?

  • What are some of the root causes of it?

  • What can we do about the causes?

  • How can we mature spiritually?

  • This books also includes a workshop/small group discussion to share with others to learn and grow together.



5.0 out of 5 stars "Drowning in Milk: A Guide to Spiritual Maturity"

Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2023 (Advanced Readers Copy)

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"This is a great handbook for Pastor's and Bible Teachers to address spiritual immaturity in the Church. It could be taught as a Sermon or in a Bible Study. It will help church members grow spiritually and rise from feeding on the milk of the word to feeding on the meat of the word.  Highly recommended." -- Lynnda Faught


      In nearly 40 years of ministry not only in the USA but around the world as a missionary, I have seen firsthand the negative effects of immature Christians. Backbiting, lack of forgiveness, and a lack of Christ-centeredness have caused more problems and divisions than anything else in the life of the average Christian.

     When the Apostle Paul accused the Corinthians of being “on the milk,” it was an insult. By Western standards, being on the milk does not seem so bad. It took me going to Africa as a missionary to understand the insult of the language as on the African continent where women breast-feed rather than use a bottle to give a baby milk. No African woman would even consider breastfeeding an 80-year-old person!

     In such light, I realized that we had 80-year-old men and women still being “breastfed” after 60 or more years of church membership. Some resulted from poor teaching and preaching, while others were just plain lazy, refusing to grow in their faith. Whatever the case, these people had missed so much of the joy and peace of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

     Rev. Bruce A. Shields never fails to hit the nail on the head and does it again in his new book Drowning in Milk. This delightfully pointed book cuts to the chase as he examines the problems of Milk Christianity in the church today. He examines the root causes and offers practical, biblical solutions to what is a cancer in the church today.

     He sorts through laziness as he examines both the unteachable due to puffed-up knowledge as well as those who are ignorant of the healing power of God’s word. He shows the reader how to grasp a greater commitment of faith, allowing them to grow in grace and maturity.

     Drowning in Milk may seem like a very thin book on such an important subject, but do not be fooled by its size. Rev. Shields gets right to the heart of the matter and tackles it head-on, using both scripture as well as experience to develop discipleship among Christians.

     This book will be part of the curriculum of the Jesus Seminary as well as in training seminars around the world through my ministry. Never has a more perfect book (except for the Holy Bible) been published at a more critical time.

Most Rev. Dr. Jan L. Beaderst
Senior Primate
Worldwide Anglican Church


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