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Pandemic Dawn Book I by B. A. Shields

Pandemic Dawn Book I

The First Novel in the Pandemic Dawn Series

"The day no longer mattered. The seasons no longer discernible. The smell of fall leaves, the dew in the early morning, and the aroma of the air after a fresh rain—gone.


Mornings now brought with it the wind, and odors of those who had died. No one knew how many were dead, but most knew how many they had lost. No one knew whether the virus itself claimed the most victims or the government’s steps to combat the infectious and mutating disease.

Most of those living now did not keep track of the days as mankind once did, marked with calendars and dates—but by the rising and setting of the sun. There were rumors of groups who had made it their sole purpose to collect the histories of this once great and clean world. Recording a new history from the date of the second fall of mankind, that they referred to as The Apocalypse."

Series description:

Taylor knew the zombie-filled suburbs wouldn’t be safe, but a group of slaves in need of rescue may be what stops him from finding his missing son.

Taylor has not seen his teenage son since the Cleansing. He knew his travels through the radioactive and virus-infected suburbs he used to call home wouldn’t be simple, but he had to find his son, and nothing would stop him from looking. That is until he met them, a small group of women and children slaves in desperate need of rescue. He knew that he had to save them, somehow, but if his son was still alive, he needed to keep searching.


In a hidden island military base, Dr. Miles Richards works on a cure for the ever-spreading virus. With the aid of Dorothy, a self-aware robot he created, they discover far more than mutated viruses hidden deep in the government computer. Who was Dr. Atkins? Moreover, why was all of his research encrypted? Did it have anything to do with his dead daughter or the multiple variations of a virus that had already killed millions of innocent people? Can Miles find a cure before it is too late?

In this first novel of the Pandemic Dawn Series, B. A. Shields combines a suspenseful journey of conflict with romance and loyalty. A gripping story of one man searching for his lost son and finding hope, while another who searches for a lost cure discovers his true identity.


This dystopian book series shows a futuristic zombie apocalypse in an age of artificial intelligence (A.I.) after an apocalyptic event destroys most of the world's tech.


“…The highlight of the book is the characters. Author B. A. Shields takes time to introduce the side characters and bring them to life. The "bad guys" in the book are even shown as people who make bad decisions based on their own choice of self-fulfillment. One dimensional characters are not found in this book. The story is never rushed, and everyone decisions in the book have consequences which affect the other characters in the story. Unlike other post-apocalyptic stories, this is one not based on a foundation of despair, but hope. Mankind can survive, but will it choose to?”
-- M McArt Vine Voice

"Pandemic Dawn" is one of those books that once you start reading, you can't put down! The characters are well thought out, the storyline is so well written that you're able to fully "see" the story as you read...."
-- Desiree

"The author does an excellent job of putting us into the world he has created for Taylor, Dr. Richards, Dorothy, and his other characters. There is a great web of multiple storylines going on, and Shields weaves them all with clever dialog and just the right amount of visual description. Most importantly, he gives us the sense that some of these seemingly separate characters are going to cross paths at some point, and I won't tell you if they all do or not. Overall, a very satisfying read for this sci-fi-zombie-apocalypse fan, and I can't wait to read the rest of the books coming in this series!"
-- S. Dewar

"This is one of the better series I have read so far. Taylor's son may be alive, in captivity somewhere in the suburbs. Will Lord Samuel be successful in fulfilling his dream of ruling the suburbs? Did Makayla manage to 'transfer' out of Dorothy's mind?”
-- Tam Thiam Tham

“I love the author's style of writing, and how he makes the characters so engaging and the storyline gripping, the adventures of the characters drew me into the story and made me feel like I was experiencing it myself. I love when a book can do that for a reader; then I start to read slower as the end of the book approaches because I don't want the story to end.”
-- Miss Snow

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