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Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets by B. A. Shields

Pandemic Dawn Book IV:

Before the Sun Sets

Ashleigh screamed, which only enraged the creatures, and they screeched back in full voice. They tore at the gate, scratching and psychotically clawing, trying to get hold of Matthew.

Trying to hold the gate, he dropped the pistol at his feet.

“Ashleigh, get my gun,” she didn’t move, except for shuddering in fear and uncontrollably crying, covering her face with the blanket.

Matthew tried to keep the gate closed and reach for the pistol, but each attempt at shifting his weight caused the door to pull open.

“Ashleigh, get my gun!” he screamed at her. This time she opened her eyes, dropping the blanket, and crawled quickly toward the gun.

Matthew’s feet slid back and forth as he tried to get a firm stance to keep the gate from opening, the loose dirt and straw making it near impossible.

Ashleigh grabbed the gun and handed it to Matthew. He took it and shot without aiming, CRACK, the bullet hit the chest of one of the cursed with no effect.

Book description:

Pandemic Dawn Book One took readers on a suspenseful journey of conflict with romance and loyalty. The second book in this series, Pandemic Dawn Book II: Rise of the State, jumped right in with Taylor continuing to look for his son with the help of Tia, his female companion whom he rescued from the slave trade. Pandemic Dawn Book III: Day of Abomination, Taylor comes face to face with his son's captor Samuel, and complex's sanctuary is overrun with Cursed.


In Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets, continues the story of Taylor and his travels through the post-apocalyptic world of Pandemic Dawn. Samuel’s organization’s fall causes a rift among the gangs and slave traders, making the burbs even more dangerous as warlords fight to take control. The infected cursed, now herding and hunting in packs, leave the once safe Complex vulnerable to another attack. Though the vaccine has been developed, creating more and distribution is a problem. There is still no cure in sight without Dr. Atkins’s research, which is still missing.


Now that Taylor has his son, he and Tia can begin planning their wedding and settling into the Complex. Trevor is restless. Starting a teen initiative may get him into more trouble than he bargains for when he and a small group decide to leave the complex to collect supplies without permission or weapons.


Miley still struggles with her robotic leg as she fights to learn how to walk again. Matthew struggles to keep the peace in the Complex his father put him in charge of before he died. With the military refusing to help, Matthew must risk traveling to his father’s old camp searching for help.


Dorothy brings peace to the Frame by overseeing its operation, and many of the newly self-aware bots enter it to begin their new lives, but there’s an unwanted force there. Who is AWOL, and will Dorothy, with Makayla’s help, be able to regain control of the Frame once he has it in his grips?


The virus is still mutating, and the infection continues to spread. The cursed are herding now and hunting in packs. Miles and Steve realize they cannot develop a cure without Dr. Atkins’s research. Attempting to retrieve it, they travel into the fallen city’s dangers and find a trail that may lead right to Makayla’s killer.



Get your copy of Pandemic Dawn Book IV: Before the Sun Sets and prepare to be taken on a journey into the zombie apocalypse.


“…The highlight of the book is the characters. Author B. A. Shields takes time to introduce the side characters and bring them to life. The "bad guys" in the book are even shown as people who make bad decisions based on their own choice of self-fulfillment. One dimensional characters are not found in this book. The story is never rushed, and everyone decisions in the book have consequences which affect the other characters in the story. Unlike other post-apocalyptic stories, this is one not based on a foundation of despair, but hope. Mankind can survive, but will it choose to?”
-- M McArt Vine Voice

"Pandemic Dawn" is one of those books that once you start reading, you can't put down! The characters are well thought out, the storyline is so well written that you're able to fully "see" the story as you read...."
-- Desiree

"The author does an excellent job of putting us into the world he has created for Taylor, Dr. Richards, Dorothy, and his other characters. There is a great web of multiple storylines going on, and Shields weaves them all with clever dialog and just the right amount of visual description. Most importantly, he gives us the sense that some of these seemingly separate characters are going to cross paths at some point, and I won't tell you if they all do or not. Overall, a very satisfying read for this sci-fi-zombie-apocalypse fan, and I can't wait to read the rest of the books coming in this series!"
-- S. Dewar

"This is one of the better series I have read so far. Taylor's son may be alive, in captivity somewhere in the suburbs. Will Lord Samuel be successful in fulfilling his dream of ruling the suburbs? Did Makayla manage to 'transfer' out of Dorothy's mind?”
-- Tam Thiam Tham

“I love the author's style of writing, and how he makes the characters so engaging and the storyline gripping, the adventures of the characters drew me into the story and made me feel like I was experiencing it myself. I love when a book can do that for a reader; then I start to read slower as the end of the book approaches because I don't want the story to end.”
-- Miss Snow

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